Time lapse magic: Capturing a sunset in the Himalayas

Life sometimes has ‘lightbulb’ moments that tell you what path you are going to take next. It might of been this day when I had mine.

About the shot

During a pit stop (at Labouche) along the 12 day hike to Everest Base Camp, my friends and I climbed down to a valley nearby to capture the sunset.

There was was no clear path down and I was starting to feel the effects of being 4000 metres above sea level. Nonetheless I managed setup our cameras and found a rock each.

As we starred at the mountains, the stream, the shifting colour of the sky and back to ourselves there was an indescribable sense of contentment and unlimited possibility.

How could I share this feeling with the rest of the world?

How did I nail this?

Technical challenges

  • Cold temperature: This mean’t our battery life was limited, even with a full charge.
  • Wind: Tri-pod is essential.
  • The right angle: Take multiple cameras when setting up.

Capture specs

  • Device: GoPro Hero 4 Black
  • Time lapse settings: 10 seconds
  • Duration: Around 30minutes

5 Steps to follow

1. Find out what time the sun sets

This will give an idea of when you should head out and how long you will have to work with.

2. Pack what you need for the conditions

As it was cold and windy, I packed a tripod and spare batteries.

3. Setup physically (important)

Setup your camera using your tripod and use nature to your advantage (we used a rock to elevate our cams). Check the angle BEFORE shooting. Nothing worse than adjusting your shot halfway through.

4. Adjust your time lapse settings

Most GoPros and action cams will have a time lapse video option. You’ll need to select how often a frame is captured.

This will depend on how long you are capturing for. We had about 30-45 minutes of time so I opted for every 10 seconds on my shot.

5. Hit record, sit back and enjoy the view

Try not to fiddle with the shot. Sit back and let the sunset inspire a profound conversation.

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