Top 10 Greenest Countries in the World

Finland, also known as Green-land.

According to the ‘Environmental Performance Index’ (EPI), the most greenest country of 2016 was Finland, followed closely by Iceland and Sweden. Here are the top 10 most greenest countries in the world:

Rank Country EPI Score
1 Finland 90.68
2 Iceland 90.51
3 Sweden 90.43
4 Denmark 89.21
5 Slovenia 88.98
6 Spain 88.91
7 Portugal 88.63
8 Estonia 88.59
9 Malta 88.48
10 France 88.20

What on earth is the Environmental Performance Index?

The Environmental Performance Index takes a look at certain indicators of a good or bad environment. These factors can include

  • Air pollution
  • Quality of drinking water
  • Protected areas of the environment
  • Nitrogen balance
  • Protection of animal and insect species
  • Carbon intensity

So where does Australia sit in all of this?

Unfortunately Australia ranks just outside of the top 10, coming in at number 13 (with a EPI of 87.22).

Should we be more green?

I personally think so. When you compare us to a country we seem environmentally conscious but when you consider our position against other developed countries e.g. Finland, there is much progress to be made :).

Is hemp an environmentally conscious choice?

The great news is yes! Hemp products such as our bags are a green choice. Some of of the environmental benefits of hemp include:

  • Less water usage
  • No need for pesticides
  • Great absorption of carbon dioxide in comparison to trees

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