Why should I buy a hemp backpack?

4 compelling reasons to buy a hemp backpack

(From Hempbak)

1. It’s incredibly strong

Fun fact: the word ‘canvas’ actually derives it’s name from the word ‘cannabis’. This can be pointed to it’s origins, when hemp canvas would be used in the sails of ships that moved across ocean to discover new continents.

Unlike it’s cotton counterpart, hemp won’t wear out as quickly. Instead hemp will soften over time.

You’ll be able to get a feel of when a hemp backpack is wearing out based on how soft it feels, without the surprise of the backpack suddenly ripping.

2. Versatility

You can chill out on a lazy weekend at the park, using your hemp backpack as a makeshift pillow. By the same token, you can load it up with your laptop, cameras or books and head to class / work.

3. Hiking inspiration

If your feeling adventurous, you can amp up intensity and go for a hike, knowing your backpack won’t rip like a plastic bag. This is why we feel like:

Most days, you won’t be climbing Everest. Nonetheless, we believe that ALL hikes, big or small can offer an adventure and quite often, a deep learning lessonHempbak

Not only are our backpacks a source of inspiration but we also offer practical features that are perfect for hikes. They include side holders for a drinks bottles and a compartment inside the backpack for devices. This means you can also a variety of possessions with the style and flair of hemp.

4. Himalayan roots and appreciation

Although hemp use didn’t originate in the Nepal, it did for Hempbak.  The concept of our brand began in the Himalayas itself and is what inspires us to do what we do.

Hemp is the backbone of Nepals natural fibre industry and is what supports an economy of where a practical income is far and few in between.

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